The Melting    Pot is...

We don't have floor-to-ceiling shark tanks, crystal chandeliers, or the 'most stunning Bund view in Shanghai' - what we are is the home of some of Shanghai's most infectious live music and the place to go for a raucously fun atmosphere.


Downstairs our house band PGP (Playerz Gotta Play), whose members hail from Zimbabwe, Cuba, Senegal, Russia, France, America, the Congo, and Shanghai, throw themselves into sizzling music that includes their own songs and reworkings of the classics, all in irrepressible PGP style – which means crazy, jammin’improvisations and unmistakeable vocals. Upstairs on the weekend they have put together a completely different set, re-working cool Motown classics with their own inimitable charisma.


In addition, we host well-known and promising local acts and some pretty eclectic line-ups: boisterous, sexy R&B, pelvis-fucking-the-microphone-stand rock, funk that's as cool as a 30 year-old whisky, or irreverent, hipster-cool rap, as well as famous local boy Wang Hao every Wednesday and Saturday.... if they know how to give a great performance, we get them on our stage.



30th SEPT 2012
11:30 AM



The Melting Pot

No. 288, Taikang Lu, Shanghai,

Near Rui Jin er Lu/TianTzeFang