Cherry Brown

26 year-old Cherry Brown is one of PGP’s lead singers and one of three members of the band to come from LA, where she supported well-known artists and recorded with her own bands before coming to Shanghai. She cites Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Mahaila Jackson, and Mighty Cloud of Joy as seminal influences, and draws on gospel, jazz, and blues to create her own soul style.


Cherry began performing rom a young age and comes from a family of vocalists - her father sang professionally with famous musicians such as Marvin Gaye and Ray fox and her mother was involved in the city’s gospel scene. Cherry herself was already performing before audiences by the age of 5, singing gospel and secular music on TV and radio shows.


After studying music composition and theory at college, in 2007 she began working as a background singer for well-known neo-soul, gospel, and R&B artists in LA such as Lina and Abraham Macdonald, as well as also supporting Michael Spencer on the US TV show Soul Train. Following this she was asked to record and perform as lead singer with several R&B and hip hop bands in LA and Arizona, before finally being recruited by D’Notes to come to Shanghai and be part of PGP in April 2010.


Since then she has really come into her own, developing an immediately-recognizable vocal sound and making her presence on stage a key ingredient of PGP’s charisma!