Before coming to Shanghai one and a half years ago, PGP band leader and bassist D-Notes was one of the most requested musicians in LA’s jazz scene, and has played alongside such greats as Chico Debarge, Stevie Wonder, Stokely of Mint Condition, and Ike Turner. If it’s neo soul, 70’s, soul, gospel, or funk – he’s got it down.... if it’s anything else, he probably plays it as well or better than anyone else in Shanghai.


Unless you’re listening for it, the bass might not be one of the most distinguishable sounds on stage, but when D steps up for a solo there’s no way that you could miss how good he is.


Head stooped towards the guitar and fingers manipulating the strings like they have a mind of their own, each time he improvises he builds the notes into an ingenious, groove-filled tangent before nestling them back amongst the beats with the skill that only someone who has spent a lifetime performing could achieve. He is every inch a veteran of his art and has music in his bones!


Offstage, he’s as personable and engaging as his playing, and if you’ve ever come to the Melting Pot chances are you’ve enjoyed a quick chat and handshake with him between sets.