Music    Line-up
opening hours and program

288 The Melting Pot - Downstairs


Opening hours:

 WEEKDAYS from 3pm till late

SAT./SUN from 2pm till late

 Live Music program Downstairs - Every day from 10pm

 Monday      :  Blues-Funk Night - Open Mic & Jam Session from 11:30 pm lead by PGP - Playerz Gotta Play

Tuesday      :   Jazz-Bosa Nova, R&B - PGP Playerz Gotta Play featuring Sassy pengpeng and Soulful Cherry Brown

Wednesday :  Pop Rock, R&B - Wang Hao gangs - Most popular Live Band in Shanghai

Thursday      :  Motown, Bosa Nova - PGP Playerz Gotta Play with Chinese singer Chuck Fu & Soulful Cherry Brown

Friday           :  Pop Rock, R&B, Funk - PGP Playerz Gotta Play with Chinese Musicians feature Lyza

Saturday        :  Pop Rock, R&B - wang Hao gangs - Most dynamic Chinese Band in Shanghai, with 6 singers and more guests singers

Sunday          :  Funk Night Shanghai All Star Jam Session - Lead by PGP - Playerz Gotta Play

288 The Melting Pot - Upstairs Sunny Lounge

 Opening hours:

 WEEKDAYS from 5-11pm

Saturday from 1pm - midnight

Tuesday : Live band perform from 8.30pm with Lulu - Golden Oldies 

Wednesday : Soul Night - Soul Food with Soul music from 7.30pm till 10.30 pm by PGP

Thursday : French Night - Lulu brought to you with good Smooth Jazz songs in French language and others.

Friday : Salsa night - Salad bar served from 6pm, salsa party starts from 9pm till late !

Saturday : Bosa Nova night - live band starts from 7.30pm till 10.30 pm, follow by latin party

Sunday : Shanghai Swing dancers starts from 5pm, PGP perform from 6.30pm - 8.30 pm, Swing Buffet served from 6pm