Wanghao, lead singer of Shanghai’s famous xxx, formed the Melting Pot Downstair’s first houseband when we had just started dedicating ourselves completely to live music. He is now achieving significant commercial success and frequently gives large-scale concerts and television appearances with his band XXX who play pop. soul and R&B.


Wanghao has been forming bands and writing songs since his early teenage years, and in 1995 won Casio’s national music competition with an Acapella group made up of classmates and improbably drawing influence from the US band ‘ Boyz 2 Men.’ High school graduation saw him eschew a place in the science department of China’s prestigious Jiaotong University to study at Shanghai Music Academy, at the same time beginning what would turn out to be more than a decade of working in Shanghai’s live music bars as a way to support himself.


Over the years that followed university he continued to immerse himself in the ebb and flow of the city’s live music scene, appearing at practically every music venue in Shanghai. Performing vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard, and fastidiously learning from the scene’s elders, he gradually worked his way up to become band leader at the Melting Pot, as well as attracting an increasingly large group of people that came to watch his music along the way.


You’ll see these people at his performances today, as his new generation of fans who have come to experience his music since he has begun to become well-known nationwide.

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